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Building a bigger pantry

Lisa Boswell discusses the need for the block grant to build a bigger food pantry to match the needs of Metcalfe County. Photo by Jennifer Moonsong

Jennifer Moonsong

Central Division

General Manager

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At the regularly scheduled meeting of the Metcalfe County fiscal court on August 10, Lisa Boswell, the Director of Bowling Park, was present to discuss the need for a Community Block Development Grant.

“We built a new food pantry four years ago, and I never dreamed we would need a bigger pantry this soon but we do,” said Boswell.

According to Boswell, 250,932 pounds of food have gone to the county this year alone.

She said she thought that the need would slow down when the first wave of Covid subsided, however it did not. “We have a tractor trailer delivering food to us now,” she said.

One of the goals of the new pantry, if the funding is obtained via BRADD, is more big coolers to store perishables.

The park has to work in conjunction with the county in order to obtain the grant, because as a nonprofit, I cannot apply for the grant on its own.

Magistrate Kenny Scott thanked Boswell and her staff, including the manager of the pantry Kathy Powell, saying they do a great job for the community.

The resolution was agreed upon unanimously.

Amid other county business, the court approved the amended ABC Ordinance and had the first reading of the ABC regulatory license fee ordinance.

They also approved the fiscal year 21/22 extension district board tax rate, and approve the revised resolution and agreement for the fiscal year 21/22 flex funds.

The July statement and claims were also approved.















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