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Molly’s Cakes

Then and now: Molly Ogden began baking cakes with her Granny, Doris Ogden, when she was jjust three-years-old. Photos submitted

Now age 10, Molly continues to follow in her Granny’s footsteps. Photos submitted.

Mary Beth Sallee

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Doris Ogden was just a young girl when her sweet tooth triggered an interest in baking.

With encouragement from family and friends, she soon learned how to decorate cakes. It wasn’t long before Doris established her own cake business in the mid-1970s, a business that lasted for over 45 years.

“I have enjoyed making pretty cakes for others to enjoy,” Doris said. “It makes you feel good when people like a product that you’ve done and keep coming back for more. I made my first wedding cake in 1976. I baked a wedding cake for a couple, and 25 years later they asked me to make their 25th anniversary cake as well…People’s kind words and learning new techniques kept me going over the years.”

Although Doris retired in 2015 to take care of her grandbabies, her recipes and traditions have continued on with her granddaughter, Molly Ogden.

Molly began decorating cakes with her Granny Doris when she was just three-years-old.

“I became more interested at age seven when I wanted to make cakes to raise money for cancer patients,” Molly said. “During that summer, I sold my cakes and spent that money to make cancer care packages. I took them to the T.J. Samson Pavilion where they gave them out.”

Now, at the age of 10, Molly has her own business known as Molly’s Cakes and said she is grateful for all of the tips she receives from her Granny Doris.

“My granny gives me lots of advice when I am baking and decorating,” Molly said. “She has taught me the right way to mix the batter, make and color the icing and to know how thick or thin the icing should be, how to transfer images to the cake, and so many piping skills. She also has taught me to always be extra clean when baking or decorating…She has been able to teach me so much, and I want to be a great baker just like my Granny.”

“I am there not to tell Molly how and what to do on each cake, but I help Molly with baking and try to be a guide if she needs assistance in building her skills,” Doris added. “She makes a lot of decisions on how the cakes are decorated and does most of the work. Seeing my granddaughter work so hard makes me so proud.”

Although Molly is continuing to learn the ins and outs of baking from Doris, the true bond between grandmother and granddaughter exists in the memories they are creating together.

“I am enjoying making memories and sharing good moments with Molly,” Doris said. “…I’m glad that Molly enjoys baking and decorating cakes. It makes me happy that Molly enjoys something that I love, and we can share that connection.”

“Baking cakes with my Granny has been so much fun,” Molly said. “Baking together has made us closer, and I will always remember it…Following in my Granny’s footsteps makes me feel great.”

Molly’s future plans include not only learning more baking techniques from her Granny and others, but also owning her own bakery one day.

Molly said that she is thankful to everyone who has ordered cakes from her thus far. She will be taking orders on a limited basis once school begins but has plans on participating in upcoming vendor events this year.

For more photos and information about Molly’s desserts, visit her Facebook page: Molly’s Cakes.

Molly Ogden’s favorite dessert to bake is cupcakes. Photo submitted.

What Molly Ogden enjoys most about baking is learning new techniques like piping skills. Photo submitted.


A cake by Molly Ogden. Photo submitted.


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