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Department reports

By PJ Martin

Editor, The Herald-News


The Edmonton City Council met in a specially scheduled July session on Monday, July 19, with all present except City Attorney Sharon Howard. It was an exceptionally short meeting.

Although the agenda included the item Memorandum of Agreement – Metcalfe County Fire Department – Fire House, the document itself was not ready and will be added to the next meeting agenda.


Public Works Department

Public Works Superintendent Moe Hensley presented his report. “For the month of June, we did 6 water taps, 1 gas tap, and 2 sewer taps, fixed 14 water leaks, done maintenance on 4 water meters, and 3 gas meters. Routine stuff, exercise valves, meter reading. Got the PRV fit and set at Blueberry Hill and out on 163 and finally got the blower done at L&S today…Miller Street is about two-thirds done, and waiting on the electric for the Summer Shade pump house. Everything is plumbed, just waiting on the electric.”


Police Department

Police Chief Delaney Wilson presented the city police department report. “The month of June we conducted 23 traffic stops, 66 complaints, made 27 arrests, wrote 38 citations, 10 animal complaints, served 10 warrants, had 7 domestics, worked 5 non-injury accidents, started 2 new investigations, had 6 fights, served 3 EPO’s, had 2 drug complaints, had 4 medicals, patrolled 5,912 miles and used 506.7 gallons of fuel.” There were also 2 incomplete 911 calls investigated.


ABC Report

ABC Administrator Fred Ray reported, “I completed an internal audit on regulatory fees at each alcohol location. I’ve had Taylor, Polson, and Company to review my process of this and audit and all figures are in line.”


Fire Department

Edmonton Fire Chief Jerry Clemmons read the June department report. “Medical runs we had 2, lift assists we had 4 and had 1 fire…the ladder truck will be repaired first of the week. They gonna come get it and repair the cylinders.”


Parks and Recreation

Park Director Brian Garrett, “The month of June we had 49 games at the park. Plus we also hosted a tournament, the Brooks/Toth Memorial Tournament…still have two teams that are playing small games at the park. The leagues are finished mainly. The track running around the fields has been completely redone and striped, and we are just maintaining.”

Mayor Doug Smith commented that he had heard good things about the Brooks/Toth Memorial Tournament. “I would like to keep growing that tournament and turn it into a real showcase.”

No Other business was reported before dismissal.

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