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Street Survival Training

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Violence plagues our society every single day. You always hear nearly every day people who without warning, were subjected to a violent crime. Sometimes it was a simple robbery, sometimes it was much worse.

Due to the nature of our unforgiving society and the relentlessness of criminals, G2R developed and offer a program that will prepare and give you the skills needed to efficiently protect yourself and your loved ones appropriately and with ruthless combat-proven execution.

G2R instructors take their years of combined experience conducting hand-to-hand and high-risk defense programs for law enforcement, federal agencies, security units, and special op groups to bring an integrated defense program for law-abiding civilians and 1st responders.

Street Survival 101 (LEVEL I) course is a 3-hour BEGINNER level class designed to introduce and give the mental and physical skills needed to dominate and survive a real-world violent street attack. Utilizing direct unconventional techniques and tactics, you will effectively learn how to manipulate and successfully stop a threatening attacker within the first few critical seconds. The course will cover:

  • Mental Preparedness
  • Situational Awareness
  • Legal Review of the Rights To Self-Defense & Self-Protection
  • Threat Assessment
  • Physical Close Quarters Defense Tactics/Techniques
  • Escape Tactics
  • Knife and Gun Defense Techniques
  • Improvised Weapon Applications
  • And much, MUCH more.

Don’t be misinformed, G2Rs goal isn’t necessarily teaching you how to fight. G2R is going to teach you how to quickly end a fight.

This is not your run-of-the-mill martial arts class; this course provides you with unconventional defensive proven tactics and the mindset to NOT BE A VICTIM. Street Survival 101 will help build the skills necessary to successfully protect you and your loved ones if you ever find yourself face-to-face against a violent altercation.

It is better to be prepared than it is to try and all of a sudden get ready. G2R feels that this training is very IMPORTANT right now due to the world that we are currently living in. Don’t miss out. This is the solution to personal defense and preparedness.

Street Survival 101 class will be held at Top of the Town Venue at Yancey Square (200 North Race Street) on Saturday, July 31 beginning at 9:00 a.m. Preregistration can be done at the G2R website at There is a limited class size so please reserve your spot now for attendance. Suitable for nearly all ages. Parents/guardians may bring a child that is 10+ years old as long as the parent/guardian is taking the course with the child.

For more information please call Events Coordinator Shane Chambers-Ennis at 270-590-8165.


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