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Hart County Homecoming for Stan Cottrell

At 78-years-old, Stan Cottrell is raising money and awareness one step at a time as he continues his run from coast-to-coast. Photo submitted.

Linda Watts

The Buzz Around Bonnieville


The Amazing Friendship Run Hart County Homecoming is coming up Monday, July 12th in historic downtown Munfordville.

 The entire community is invited to come out and greet Stan Cottrell and support him on his latest long-distance run. Stan is running through Hart County on his way to Washington D.C.

 Stan Cottrell’s Amazing Friendship Run will pass through his hometown of Munfordville around 3 p.m.

 At 78-years-old, Stan is raising money and awareness one step at a time! The friendship run is about spreading kindness and raising money for kids and veterans. It’s about those in need. From Los Angeles to Washington D.C., Stan is running 3,103 miles in only 100 days.

 Stan is a veteran ultra-long distance runner and Guinness World Record holder. He has run over 250,000 miles across 40 different countries in the last 70 years, including two previous coast-to-coast treks across the United States. Many people call Stan the real-life Forrest Gump.

 Currently, Stan holds the record for the fastest TransAmerica run, taking just 48 days to complete. Local runners are invited to come run with Stan from Pine Ridge Hill to Munfordville. Be at Pine Ridge around 2 p.m. central time for the trek into town. Stan is scheduled to be in Munfordville around 3 p.m. on Monday, July 12th.

 Munfordville Tourism is hosting a Welcome Home meet and greet on the historic courthouse square, with entertainment and food to welcome the Amazing Friendship run and Stan back to his hometown of Munfordville. Run, Stan, run!

 Later the same evening at around 6 p.m., Stan will be speaking at Munfordville Elementary School, located at 505 W. Union St. Come out from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. for a reception hosted by the Hart County Historical Society.

 Stan will be bringing with him a special guest: former Cleveland Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar. A film crew has also been following Stan to document his journey.

 To read more and follow along with Stan’s journey across America, visit the Amazing Friendship Run on Facebook. All times mentioned in this article are Central Time.

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