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LoveLoud 2021

Participants helped people in the community in need.

Local youth serve the community in name of Christ’s love

Jennifer Moonsong

Central Division

General Manager

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Local middle school aged kids from across the region had the opportunity last week to fill their summer with the goodness of giving, thanks to LoveLoud.


LoveLoud is three days of missional gathering designed to engage middle school and high school students in sharing Christ’s love in the tri-county area in a variety of practical ways.


This year the event was held at Coral Hill Baptist Church in Barren County, with 36 churches, and 24 schools represented by the kids who participated.


“LoveLoud is a simple reminder that we can accomplish more together than we can alone and that the Body of Christ is much larger than one local church,” said Jordan Woodie, one of the coordinators.


Participants are involved in one of three kinds of projects to help others: construction, community service, and evangelistic outreach. Woodie says this year’s gathering was especially rewarding.


This year the following projects included serving at 3 nursing home facilities, one homeless shelter, washing dozens of cars where donations were not accepted, volunteering at two community day camps, completing eight home residence projects for families in need, assuring with a summer camp for kids with special needs, constructing four wheelchair ramps, delivering meals, cemetery and sidewalk clean up, and so much more.


“For participants, especially this year, LoveLoud was an incredibly refreshing opportunity to be together, to serve together, and to worship together…all in-person! And every year, it’s a renewed opportunity to see our community through a missional lens. There’s a way for every person to help meet needs in our community,” he said.


Although this event takes great effort to coordinate, and produces wonderful fruits, Woodie says it’s really just a reminder of what people should be doing in the example of Christ each day.


“LL21 was 4 days full of opportunities to love God and love people, which is actually the case every single day.”   

These ladies of LoveLoud 2021 helped out cleaning up the grounds of the park/ homeless shelter.

This year the construction team built for wheelchair ramps in the tri-county area.

Residential projects such as cleaning out flowerbeds were part of the community service efforts.

Trash pick-up and cemetery cleanup were key elements.

Cemetery cleanup

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