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Art is more than Decoration

Stacey Biggs

EVP of Marketing, Planning & Development for TJ Samson


It is often the unexpected touches in a home that make it memorable, and there are multiple special touches throughout the Shanti Niketan Hospice Home that are no exception. Even doors can be transformed into works of art with a bit of creativity, an artistic technique, and craftsmanship that is learned through years of practice.


The doors of both the Prayer Room and the Meditation Room at the Hospice Home are just such works of art. The beautiful, custom stained glass inserts were designed and hand-crafted by Dr. Bharat Mody, who was also the lead philanthropist who helped to make the Shanti Niketan Hospice Home a reality.


“If we were to have commissioned the artwork for these doors, it would have cost thousands of dollars,” said Randy Burns, Executive Director of the T.J. Community Mission Foundation. “For Dr. Mody, it was a passion project and a way for him to lend his tremendous artistic talent to the facility.”


Each of the three doors has its own unique design using different colors, shapes, and styles of stained glass. Many hours of planning, as well as tedious and detailed work, go into each piece.


Dr. Mody learned to create stained glass art several years ago from Dr. Ahmed Al-Khatib. What started as a passing interest turned into a hobby, and now, Dr. Mody’s stained glass art pieces are often some of the most coveted items at local fundraisers. You can sense the time, effort, and skills that go into each custom piece.


In addition to the doors, there are also three other pieces of stained glass art located in patient rooms in the Hospice Home, all created and donated by Dr. Mody.


The doors and other stained glass artwork are more than just decoration. They have become conversation pieces for all who visit Shanti Niketan, and they often evoke powerful emotions and provide comfort during what can be a challenging time.


“This is for them,” Dr. Mody said. “It’s for the patients and their families to enjoy.”


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