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Metcalfe County Fiscal Court – Budget concerns arise at second reading

Jennifer Moonsong

Central Division

General Manager

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At the regularly scheduled May 25th meeting of Fiscal Court, the quorum conducted the second reading of the Fiscal Year 2021-2022 budget.

Judge/Executive Stilts was absent, and Magistrate Kenny Scott sat in his place.

Since the first reading two weeks ago, the budget has undergone some changes. Financial Officer Lori Boston and Treasurer Page Edwards were present to address these changes.

“We could not change salaries at this time for certain individuals,” said Boston.

Specifically, salary changes for the jailer and the county attorney written into the first reading were removed.

“We sent this to the Department of Local Government (DLG) after the first reading,” said Edwards.

According to Boston and Edwards the DLG advised that they were not able to make such a budget amendment at this time, due to rules already in place about the timing of employee raises.

Following a brief discussion, Magistrate Ronnie Miller made a budget inquiry.

Miller expressed that he wanted to find $20,000 within the budget to give each fire department $5,000 more, and the chamber of commerce an additional $5,000 annually.

“We need to take a hard look at this budget,” Miller said.

According to Boston, at some point during the upcoming fiscal year there will be an allotment of federal money, but the way it can be spent, and what it can be spent on will be determined by those allotting the funds.

Upon the second reading, Miller vetoed it, while the others approved.

Other News

Also, the first reading of the amended solid waste hauler ordinance was completed, and the ordinance for the illegal dumping litter control had its second reading, and was agreed-upon unanimously.

The budget and inter-fund transfers were approved, and bid awards were announced for annual road department supplies.

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