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Blessing Boxes – Providing food and love to those in need

Hart County’s Blessing Boxes in Hart County were established by Mt. Olivet Baptist Church Women’s Missionary Union. From left: Christy Eatmon, Jennifer Freeman, Pat Sheets, Alicia Gill, Jackie Fulner, Jenny McCubbins, Peggy Avery, Debbie Crain, and Wendy Troyer. Photo submitted

Mary Beth Sallee

Reporter, Hart County News-Herald


Take what you need. Leave what you can.

That’s the idea behind the Blessing Boxes found in Hart County.

Blessing Boxes are outdoor cabinets that are located in a 24-hour accessible location for community members to receive or donate goods anonymously.

They are often stocked with non-perishable food items for people who find themselves in need. Food items may include tuna, canned vegetables, boxed pasta salad, and Gatorade. Hygiene products such as deodorant and baby supplies such as cans of formula are sometimes available in the boxes as well.

One of the county’s two Blessing Boxes is located in the parking lot at Dr. Pandeya’s Office in Munfordville, across from IGA. The other is located in the parking lot at Raiders Inn, across from Hart County High School.

These boxes were established in 2017 by Mt. Olivet Baptist Church Women’s Missionary Union (WMU). WMU is an organization of ladies that focuses on making disciples for Jesus through mission work.

The Blessing Boxes were built by Abraham Troyer. The lumber was donated by Peggy Avery, and the plexiglass and hinges were donated by Ace Hardware in Munfordville.

“The idea for the Blessing Boxes first originated from an article that Jackie Fulner had read and presented to our group of ladies at church,” said Wendy Troyer, a Mt. Olivet WMU member. “We, of course, are mission-centered and after praying collectively about it, we decided that it would be a wonderful outreach opportunity. We very much support local missions, and this is a great way to show people the love of Jesus and offer them help that they might need but not otherwise ask for.”

Current Mt. Olivet WMU members who oversee the Blessing Boxes are Faye McCubbins, Christy Eatmon, Misty Bumpus, Jenny McCubbins, Debbie Crain, Jennifer Freeman, and Wendy Troyer.

“We are so thankful for our WMU and this wonderful ministry,” said Bro. Cody Bumpus, Pastor of Mt. Olivet Baptist Church. “We are so blessed to be able to help others see the love of Jesus through this work.”

This Blessing Box is located in the parking lot at Dr. Pandey’s Office in Munfordville. Pictured is Abraham Troyer, left, who built the Blessing Boxes, and Steven Fulner who helped to install this one. Photo submitted.

According to Troyer, the boxes are utilized often with the church refilling them at least twice per week.

“We have seen people taking food and also leaving food,” Troyer said. “The community has really embraced them, and we believe that they truly are helping folks who may be hungry or just can’t make ends meet the entire month. We give all of the praise and glory to God for allowing us to be a part of this mission field.”

“We are fortunate enough to live very close to the box at Raiders Inn, so we get to enjoy the blessing of seeing people come and utilize the box,” added John and Faye McCubbins. “We are so blessed to be a part of this wonderful ministry.”

As much as the Blessing Boxes are helping to fulfill a need for food and other items, they are also helping to fulfill a need for love and blessings as well.

“We as a church at Mt. Olivet Baptist and also as a WMU group have been incredibly blessed, and it is a joy to be able to use these boxes to bless others,” Troyer said. “…Our main goal was to show the love of Christ to those who have a need, and we believe that goal is being met and exceeded by these boxes every single day.”

Blessing Boxes are outdoor cabinets for community members to receive or donate goods anonymously. Photo submitted.

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