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Flooding BRAWA with love

Volunteers helped carry the animals to safety after the flood. The facility and parking lot were engulfed in water, leaving costly damage. Photos provided by Molly Taylor

Jennifer Moonsong

Central Division

General Manager

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Entities across South Central Kentucky were impacted last week by flash floating. Roadways were closed, yards damaged, and businesses damaged, but perhaps none were quite so displaced as the fur family at the Barren River Animal Welfare Association (BRAWA).


“We had a good foot or more water in the entire building. All animals had to be evacuated to the local vets and/or the old county jail,” said Molly Taylor of BRAWA.


Thankfully, plenty of people willing to help the staff and animals pitched in to help.


“City workers, the police department, staff, and volunteers helped get everyone out safely,” Taylor added.


Only a few days later, all of the animals looking for homes were back in the building.


“At this time everyone is fine,” said Taylor.


However, the aftermath of the flood is another matter and will take time and money to repair.


“We will have lots of repairs due to water damage and will be needing funds to help cover those costs,” she said.


Although donations of all sorts are welcome, BRAWA has had plenty of donations in the form of items needed. At this point, monetary donations are what they are truly in need of.


“Money is best,” Taylor said.


Anyone interested in making a donation to BRAWA for much-needed repairs can go to their website and click donate.



The facility and parking lot were engulfed in water, leaving costly damage.


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