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Old Country Store Gets New Business

Front of Webb’s Grocery. Photo by Tabitha Elmore-Young

Tabitha Elmore-Young

Gimlet Reporter


Stanley Basham, a resident of Bee Springs, and his Father Billy Joe, have decided to keep an old business going.

“Stanley owns a detailing business that has really taken off,” Billy said in an interview Thursday Morning.

The pair has decided to reopen the long-time running grocery after it had recently closed due to the previous owners growing age.

Webb’s Grocery has been a staple in the Mammoth Cave area for more than 50 years. It was a sad day when members of the community saw Mr. and Mrs. Webb close their doors. With boaters, campers, ATV riders, horseback riders, and cave goers, it was in the best interest of Stanley Basham to reopen the store.

Basham has a detailing shop where he will not only be detailing vehicles, ATVs, and boats, but also doing small ATV repairs. They will offer a wide range of goods such as fresh produce, grocery items, ATV and vehicle supplies/parts, grilling essential, and much more.

“People has asked why we decided to keep the name of the store Webb Mart,” Billy briefly explained why they are keeping the original name of the store. “It is out of respect from its long-time owners Mr. and Mrs. Webb. This store has been in business for many years, and we look to stay in business for many more years.”

Though the store is just now getting back up and going, it may take some time to get the stock up to where it needs to be. We believe that it is in the community’s best interest to support our local businesses and help them grow. We look forward to seeing that old country store back again.

Billy Joe on left and Son Stanley on right. Photo by Tabitha Elmore-Young





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