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Rebranding Glasgow

By PJ Martin 

Jobe Publishing, Inc. 


The Glasgow City Council held its regular meeting on April 26 as the first in-person meeting since March 9, 2020. 

The first order of business was a Proclamation honoring TJ Samson Community Hospital for being named to the list of the top 100 Rural and Community Hospitals by the Chartis Center for Rural Health, a leading healthcare advisory and analytics firm. 

In a period of suspension from the regular agenda, the council approved a resolution accepting the ‘clean opinion’ 2019-2020 Audit. The council also approved an audit of the Glasgow Plant Board.  

There was much discussion about the Resolution to enter into a contract with Chandlerthinks agency. The award winning agency offers rebranding to its customers along with graphics, website, advertising, and media services. The estimated total cost for the project is $29,770. 

Half of the rebranding Glasgow project is being funded by donations. The city will not sign the contract with Chandlerthinks until approximately $15,000 is raised. The city would then be responsible for the remainder of the cost.  

During the regular agenda, the first reading was held for an Ordinance enacting and adopting supplement 2021 S-49 to the Code of Ordinances of the City. The council approved the revisions to the original code sections. 

The council also approved the first reading of an Ordinance to rezone property located at 1398 Happy Valley Road which contains 4,804 acres +/-. The rezoning will change the R-1, a low density residential district to B-3, a highway service business district. 

The rezoning was recommended by the Joint City-County Planning Commission. 

A Resolution was approved to surplus defective ammunition owned by the Glasgow Police Department. The ammunition was purchased in 2017 for approximately $6 – $7,000. In 2018, a 9MM cartridge misfired and caused damage to both the weapon and the officer. 

The Ammunition was purchased from L-Tech, a company no longer in business, and has been deemed defective. The ammunition will be disposed of according to law. 



A Municipal Order was approved re-appointing John Rogers to serve as a member of the Housing Authority of Glasgow Board of Commissioners for a fouryear term to end on April 30, 2025. 

A new police officer was sworn in on April 23rd. Joshua Hardin recently graduated from the Police Academy. 


Other Business 

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 10, 2021, at 7 p.m. in-person at City Hall Council Chambers following CDC guidelines. 


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