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Increase in runs

Members looking over the financial data are (L-R) Director J/E Harold Stilts, Chairman Fay Neal, and Director Jackie Brown. Photo by PJ Martin

By PJ Martin 

Jobe Publishing Inc. 


The April meeting of the Barren Metcalfe Emergency Medical Services Board of Directors was held on April 28th in the Metcalfe County fiscal courtroom. Data for both February and March were presented due to not meeting in March. 

 Executive Treasurer Steve Powell presented the February and March financial and claim reports for board approval. February’s year-to-date billing was down $65,223.63 from the same period last year. March year-to-date billing was up from last year by $26,674.87, however, collections were down from last year by $60,003.69. 

 The amount billed in February was $6,082,278.87 while the total collected were $2,289,820.28 


Location                          Billed                Collected                Difference 

Headquarters (HQ)     $527,011.00      $205,590.07        $321,420.93 

Airport (AP)                $190,914.50      $  91,460.09         $  99,454.41 

Edmonton (EDM)       $105,868.00      $  54,742.88         $  51,125.12 

Total                           $823,793.50       $351,793.03        $472,000.47 

 The service had a total of 772 ambulance runs in February (compared to 824 last year) Barren County had 661 of those runs and Metcalfe made 111.  

 For March the service made 832 runs with 725 in Barren County and 107 in Metcalfe County. That is up 50 runs from last year’s 782. 

 Dr. Joe Middleton stated that the response times in both counties average 9 minutes 18 seconds. Response times within the city limits average less than 5 minutes. 


Benefit Policy Changes 

 The board approved the fourpage revisions to the use of benefit and paid time off policy. This included the use of vacation and/or personal time, sick leave, unscheduled/scheduled sick leave, and time off without compensation.  


2021-22 Budget 

 Dr. Middleton presented the proposed 2021-22 budget with the expected income of $5,221,985.27. The changes from the previous year’s budget are a 12% increase in retirements, a 20 % increase in fuel, and an increase in dispatch fees. 


Other Business 

 Eric Bower resigned from his clinical services position effective April 30th. His duties will be redistributed to Dr. Middleton and Assistant Director Garland Gillian. 

 The board went into executive session for a short time to discuss personnel matters, but no action was taken. 

 The next meeting is scheduled for May 26th at 4 p.m. at Glasgow‘s fiscal courtroom. 

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