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Toys for troubled times

Family Court Judge Mica Pence Jobe Publishing Archive photo

Jennifer Moonsong

Central Division

General Manager

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Did you know that in Barren and Metcalfe counties, there are more than 300 children a year that enter the court system because they have been neglected or abused?


Whether it’s because they’re testifying about past abuse or the divorce of their parents, attending court can be intimidating to a child. In order to make them feel more comfortable, secure, and loved, Barren County Family Court Judge Mica Pence makes sure every child leaves with a new stuffed animal.


“It’s important that children feel comfortable when they have to come to Court,” said Judge Pence.


“They need to feel as if it’s a safe place for them to talk about their feelings and fears. A stuffed animal is a simple way to reward them for doing something that is difficult for many of them and make them more comfortable.”


Examples of the five-dollar stuffed animals that Family Court prefers for the children, although any clean, new stuffed animal is acceptable. Photo from Kohl’s website

Barren County Drug Court and Yancey’s want to give back and help these children, by providing new stuffed animals to the family court.


Judge Pence uses the purchase of stuffed animals from Kohl’s to make sure attorneys appear in court timely because Kohl’s donates the proceeds to Prevent Child Abuse America (a practice she picked up from Judge McKown, 38th Judicial Cir.), but any new stuffed animal can make a child’s challenging day in Court a little easier.


Because of special circumstances last year due to Covid, the caseload is going to be greater than normal, and more than 300 stuffed animals will be needed.


You can help this cause by donating Kohl’s stuffed animals or any other new stuffed animals at Yancey’s on the square in Glasgow.


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