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“Shooters Shoot”

Metcalfe County Lady Hornets Braelyn Davis, Jaycie Harper, Macy Welsh, displaying their 1,000 point basketballs along with Head Coach TJ Coffey. Photo by Johnnie Tarter

By Johnnie Tarter

Jobe Publishing Contributor

Lady Hornets have 3 players reach 1,000 point milestone

The Lady Hornets have worked hard this season with a few hurdles from quarantining to sideline injuries. At this time they are standing at a 13-9 record for the season. However, 3 players from the Lady Hornet Program reached their 1,000 point milestone during this season. Senior Macy Welsh got her 1,000th point while shooting a free throw against Edmonson County on January 19th. “It meant a lot because of everything that we have accomplished this year and with being senior year, it just capped it off with my teammates helping me to accomplish a goal I have always longed for. I couldn’t have done it without them.” Welsh says.

Junior Jaycie Harper was next to reach her milestone. Once again shooting a free throw when the Lady Hornets faced off with Hancock County, on February 23rd. Then Junior Braelyn Davis shoots her 1,000th point while fighting her way through a pack of South Warren Lady Spartans, to get to the basket.

Lady Hornet Head Coach TJ Coffey says “Having 3 players get 1,000 points in the same season says a lot about our team. The team plays unselfish and these girls have worked hard not only to score but to help their teammates score as well. As a coach, I couldn’t be more proud of them and their accomplishment.”

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