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Metcalfe County Fiscal Court – Road projects, jail budget discussed

Joe Plunk and his associates. Photo by Jennifer Moonsong

Jennifer Moonsong

Central Division

General Manager

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At the regularly scheduled Metcalfe County Fiscal Court meeting held March 23, District 3 of the Kentucky Department of Highways discussed the Rural Secondary Road Program plan for the Fiscal Year 2021-2022.

Joe Plunk of the Kentucky Department of Highways made a presentation, regarding the use of $1,363,248 worth of upcoming projects within the county.

The projects are as follows:

  • Routine maintenance on rural secondary roads, to cover labor, maintenance, and materials on 111 miles of rural roads totaling $539,800
  • County Judge expenses paid quarterly to the court, totaling $2,584
  • Resurfacing on Bridgeport Road, for $409,146
  • Resurfacing a portion of Highway 640 for $141,803
  • Flex funds to be divided between county and state roadways at the court’s discretion totaling $269,915

Magistrates Scott, Miller, and Crane inquired about other roads in need, and although they are on the long list they do not anticipate completing them during the next year.

A motion was made to approve auditors for the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

“They did a great job, they worked with Page and Lori, and did a great job,” said Judge Stilts.

Gary Fancher addresses the court. Photo by Jennifer Moonsong

The court agreed unanimously.

Gary Fancher addressed the court about the use of a Homeland Security Grant which is a grant paid out to the county in full. The court agreed.

The first reading of the jail budget for fiscal year 2021-2022. Jailer Shive was present, but had to leave prior to the discussion. He previously requested an increase in the vehicle maintenance line item.

“We’ve had that for a long time and it probably needs more maintenance,” said Scott.

Treasurer Page Edwards mentioned that not transporting prisoners to court because of court is being conducted via Zoom will save transportation monies.

County Attorney Barry Gilley said he foresaw court via Zoom continuing into the future because it lowered safety risks and costs. The first reading was approved.


Other Business

A CDBG block grant resolution, for utility assistance for people who have faced challenges during the pandemic. Kenny Scott made the motion, Ronnie Miller seconded and it carried unanimously.

A Proclamation proclaiming April 2, 2021, as Arbor Day was made.

The second reading of the budget amendment was approved unanimously, and the budget/inter-fund transfers were approved, as were the claims.

Bobby Bunch of the road Department spoke to the court about replacing the road patcher the department has had since 2012.

Mike Bryant of the road department was also present and said that the engine was good, but it has a leak on the tank that keeps it hot, and it has to be replaced.

“I may run a week or all year like this, but it needs to be run every day because we have a lot of patching. It has to be run hard this year,” said Bunch.

He hopes to start patching in April.

The court suggested that they negotiate the price below $30,000 to obtain a replacement.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of fiscal court will be held on April 6.

Bobby and Mike of the road department discuss departmental needs. Photo by Jennifer Moonsong




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