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The aftermath of the flood

Sulphur Well Park, underwater. Photo by Jennifer Moonsong

Jennifer Moonsong

Central Division

General Manager

Jobe Publishing, Inc.


Early March brought heavy rains to South Central Kentucky, and Metcalfe County and surrounding counties are still assessing the damage from one of the biggest floods in recent years.


“We’ve got a lot of damage,” said Emergency Management director, Emory Kidd.


Within the county, three low-water crossings were completely destroyed, and there are countless misplaced road tiles, and debris clean-up remaining.


According to official sources, the north end of the county got over nine inches of rainwater.


Kidd says the financial aftermath could be up to $2 million worth of repairs.


“We don’t yet know the full extent,” he said. In addition to financial restrictions, there are also issues concerning time and manpower.


However, even though there were water rescues no lives were lost.


We are very lucky. There were four water rescues but no one got hurt. Each of those rescues was due to someone driving by the signs saying not to go there,” kids see it.


Some roads are still inaccessible, including Avery Shaw Road, Granville Sexton Road, and Corbett Shirley Road.


Statewide, over 1,000 homes had water damage and 600 were destroyed. Within the county, no homes were destroyed although several had water damage.

Flooding along roadways washed out roads and debris, making it difficult to navigate. Photo by Jennifer Moonsong


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