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MC Fiscal Court – Excess fees presented

Judge/Executive Harold Stilts and Sheriff Lonnie Hodges. The two checks to the county comprise the largest return of excess to the county ever presented. Photo by Jennifer Moonsong

Jennifer Moonsong

Central Division

General Manager

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At the regularly scheduled meeting of the Metcalfe County fiscal court on March 9, Lynn Lunz and Sheriff Lonnie Hodges presented the excess fees for 2020.

“You will see that the fees are up quite a bit this year,” said Lunz during her presentation. According to Lunz, the office receives ten dollars for every paper served.

The first check presented was for $2,740, for papers served. The second check for excess fees was $194,260.68. Historically, this is the largest amount ever returned to the county by the Metcalfe County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Hodges presented the checks to Judge/Executive Stilts.

“Thank you and keep up the good work,” Stilts said.



Also discussed were the audits for the fiscal year 18/19, as well as 17/18.

“We got our audit back, there are a couple of little things on there that you expect to see on an audit, but it was pretty clean. But we did have some issues still carrying over from 2017 and 2018,” Stilts said.

The budget, inter-fund transfers, and claims were approved unanimously, as was the financial statement for February of this year.


Other businesses

In other business, Stilts brought up the subject of the public library using the empty space of the old Sheriff’s Department to store items during their renovation.

“They asked to use it because it was close and easy to transport things too, and they said they would be glad to help with expenses,” Stilts said.

The next regularly scheduled meeting for the court will be Tuesday, March 23, at 9 a.m.

Lynn Lunz discusses the fees with the court. Also pictured, Magistrate Kenny Scott. Photo by Jennifer Moonsong

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