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City Applying for CDBG-CV Grant

PJ Martin 


Edmonton Herald-News 


The Edmonton City Council held its regular in-person March meeting on Monday, March 1st 

The first order of business was the unanimous approval of Resolution 2020-2021-07 which authorizes Mayor Doug Smith to apply for the Community Development Block Grant-Covid (CDBG-CV) Utility Assistance Program. The application is prepared by the Barren River Area Development District (BRADD) on behalf of the city and helps execute the project. 

If Edmonton’s grant application is approved the city could receive up to $200,000 for community development activities that include utility assistance (water, gas, sewer, and electric). This would only apply to anyone who lives within the city limits. Community Action would manage the applications for assistance.  

Next on the agenda was the emergency purchase of a dump bed truck. The purchase is divided equally between the gas department and the water department budgets. The first reading of Ordinance No. 2020-21-07 amending the water fund in the amount of $24,000 was approved and Ordinance No. 2020-21-08 amending the gas fund in the amount of $24,000 was approved.  

Public Works Superintendent Moe Hensley explained that the previous week a pump had gown down at Summer Shade leaving them with no water supply. After an exhaustive search, a motor could not be purchased until the following day. This forced an emergency water purchase from Monroe County. The pump motor has been replaced but a permanent solution will not occur until the major water project is completed. 


Police Department 

Chief of Police Delaney Wilson gave the February department report of 45 traffic stops, 42 complaints answered, 12 arrests made, 40 citations written, 4 animal calls, 7 warrants, 7 domestic calls, 5 non-injury accidents, 1 injury accident, 3 new investigations, 1 incomplete 911 call, 1 search warrant, 1 alcohol intoxication, 2 DUIs, 3 EPOs, 2 drug-related, and 9 medical calls for a total of 185. 


Fire Department 

Clerk Dawn Devore read the January and February fire department reports for Chief Jerry Clemmons. The department responded to 10 medical, 1 fire, and 3 non-injury accidents in January. In February they responded to 13 medical, 3 fires, and 1 alarm. 


Other Business 

Councilmember Curt Estes asked for the city’s approval for the Metcalfe County Fire Department to sell the old tanker truck because the city owns half and the county owns half of it. 

Councilmember Austin Bragg asked if the city would like to bid on the county’s half and Estes replied that he would get an amount for the next meeting. 

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