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Prayers for patients and healthcare heroes

Administrator Jason Gumm spoke of the need within the facility for faith and healing.

“As it is said, this too shall pass.” Jason Gumm, Administrator of Barren County Nursing and Rehab 

Jennifer Moonsong

Central Division

General Manager

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Last Thursday afternoon, a group of people from the community gathered at Barren County Nursing and Rehab, to offer up a prayer for those in need of uplifting in the age of COVID. 

 Brother Ray Woody led the prayer, and Kristen Roderick sang “Amazing Grace”. Woody asked God to not only help those healing, but also to take COVID away from the world. 

 “The ideas of a prayer started with employees wanting to have everyone in the community support our facility, specifically the residents and what they are having to go through with this COVID virus, and the employees who are working and trying their best to get through a very difficult time,” said the facility’s administrator, Jason Gumm. 

 Gumm said that for the duration of 2020, the facility was fortunate to not have been heavily impacted by COVID, but things have taken a turn. 

 “Shortly after the first of the year, we started seeing a rise in our cases,” said Gumm. 

 “Barren County’s positivity rate was declining leading up to Christmas, but after those two holidays, we started seeing the rise back up, and of course, it has spiked again. I certainly understand how important Christmas is, and also celebrating the New Year after the horrible year of 2020, but the community spread has definitely had an impact on our facility.” 

 Gun was the first to speak at a gathering, and he spoke of how difficult it was to reach out for help, and yet how he wanted to rely on the community and God to help during this difficult time. He stated his faith by saying that, “As it is said, this too shall pass.” 

 Although the prayer circle was an event that only lasted a few minutes, he hopes that the community keeps them in their thoughts and prayers. 

 “We are trying to reach out to the community, our families, and the families of our residents, those people who believe in the power of prayer to influence good outcomes. We also want to support our healthcare heroes here at the facility, and shine light on the tremendous sacrifices that these workers are making every day.” 

Brother Ray Woody preparing for the prayer.

Healthcare workers who work at the facility bowing their heads in prayer.

There was a good community turnout for the prayer circle.


Kristen Roderick lead a group sing-along of Amazing Grace with guitar accompaniment.










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