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A place for Peace: Glasgow welcome hospice home

Ribbon Cutting left to right – Robi Fauser Fink representing USDA, Community Mission Foundation board members: Owen Lambert, Henry Royse, Dr. Karen Small, Bill Prather, Dr. Benny Lile, William Twyman, and Neil Thornbury, CEO of T.J. Regional Health.

Jennifer Moonsong

Central Division

General Manager

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Last week the T.J. Community Mission Foundation Board members hosted an Open House for the Shanti Niketan Hospice Home.


The home is named for something everyone could use more of: Inner Peace.


“We are so pleased to see construction of the Shanti Niketan Hospice Home complete. It will be a blessing to many families in the years to come. We deeply thank all that have contributed time and financial resources towards making this day a reality,” said Bill Prather, T.J. Community Mission Foundation Past Chairman.


The newly constructed 10,400 square foot facility is located at 1020 Glenview Drive and includes 8 inpatient rooms, a kitchen, and living spaces, private areas for families and guests as well as access to a private patio.


The construction of this facility is in response to a critical need in the community for a residential hospice home for patients facing end-of-life care, where families can seek a place of comfort, counseling, and compassionate treatment in a home-like setting.


Neil Thornbury, CEO of T.J. Regional Health said, “The Shanti Niketan Hospice Home is a testament of how fortunate we are to live in a community with so many generous people who have made this dream a true reality. This Hospice Home will provide us the opportunity to serve our patients and their entire family in a setting that fosters peace, dignity, and respect at the end stage of their life.”


The name and hospice home has deep meaning for to lead philanthropic supporter, Dr. Mody:


“Shanti Niketan is a beautiful, perfect name for this hospice home in our community. In my mind, Shanti Niketan is a place where the residents are mentally and spiritually cared for and given enough knowledge and understanding to keep themselves calm and strong in the face of discord or stress. This hospice home will be a loving sanctuary in our community where people can come and get shanti (inner peace) and rest, and prepare for the next step of their journey. We are humbled by the support of those who selflessly care about others—most of whom they don’t know—with their hearts are full of love and compassion.”


Both the exterior and interior of the new hospice house was designed with thought and foresight, vested with the comforts and amenities of home.


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