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Metcalfe schools make the best of it

Jennifer Moonsong

Central Division

General Manager

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It is a brave new year, and even with lingering Covid concerns, the Metcalfe County school system welcomed back more in-person students on January 4. 

 Since the beginning of the school year, Metcalfe County has been at the forefront when it comes to education. 

 “We are one of the few school systems that didn’t wait until the 11th of January to return to class,” said Superintendent Josh Hurt. 

 “We have seen an increase in returns. More people are coming back and we are happy to see people taking advantage of the inperson option. We are of course glad to be following the CDC guidelines, keeping people 6 feet apart and using overflow rooms when necessary,” he said. 

 Although there has been an uptick of inperson students, many students are still choosing the virtual learning option. Heart says he hopes to continue offering both in-person and virtual learning experiences for the remainder of the year. 

 With that said, Hurt advises that the school system appreciate everyone’s flexibility, circumstances could change in a moment’s notice. 

 “We are not only dealing with the virus, we are also dealing with the weather and other potential obstacles.” 

 Hurt commended the community, staff, and students for their diligence, patience, grace, and flexibility during what he described as a messy and difficult time. 

 “Our community has backed us. Of course, you can’t make everyone happy all the time, but that’s true in any year. The vast majority of feedback has been very positive,” he said. 

 “The staff has been magnificent. When we prepared to reopen, we told the staff that we would ask more of them than we should. It has not been flawless, but the effort has been tremendous.” 

 Moving forward, there are not only strict guidelines within the schools but also with all schoolrelated activities. Metcalfe County schools are following KHS AAA guidelines when it comes to winter sports. With both the high school and middle school hosting basketball games, attendance for events is reduced. Many extracurricular activities are currently off the table, however, the hope is to bring some of those back if circumstances allow. 

 “Any events that require attendance are touch and go. A lot of activities are not up and running, like drama for example, and unfortunately, we are really restricted on those things. But we do hope to add some of that back,” said Hurt. 

 At this time, the school buses are running, and the athome food service is still in place. 

 As the school system continues to navigate uncertain circumstances, they ask for the community’s continued support and flexibility. 

 “There are no good answers in this scenario. It is more of figuring out what is the least bad option, and doing the best we can.” 

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