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Edmonton welcomes jewelry store on main drag

Owner Jeremy Wood welcomes the crowd at the ribbon-cutting.

Jennifer Moonsong

Central Division

General Manager

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Although Stockton Street, one of Edmonton’s two main thoroughfares, has sported several empty storefronts in recent years, it now sports a new jewelry store, Edmonton Hometown Jewelers.

The new family-owned business is owned and operated by father and son duo, Gary and Jeremy Wood. Although they’ve only moved to Edmonton in recent times, they have roots in the community.

“My grandparents, Woody and Ella owned a consignment store here years ago,” said Jeremy. “I always loved coming down to Metcalfe County to visit.”

The Wood family is also not a stranger to the jewelry business. They had a thriving and successful business in Louisville on 12th and Broadway for many years, but due to the struggles of changing times, including violence and theft, they decided it was time to be done with city living.

All of the showcases were in storage, not being used. After we were here, we realized that you can’t even buy a five-dollar watch battery without driving all the way to Glasgow. So, we feel there was a need for this,” he said.

In addition to selling new and antique jewelry, they also clean, repair, and fit jewelry, as well as supply things such as watch batteries. They also buy gold, silver, and anti-coins, and do appraisals.

On December 17, the Edmonton Metcalfe Chamber of Commerce welcomed the new business by conducting its last ribbon cutting for 2020.

“I was thrilled when I was asked about the ribbon cutting. It’s great to be in a small town, I was surprised that they do things like this,” Wood added.

The store can be contacted by dialing 270-432-4653 or follow them on Facebook.

Display cases like the walls.

Jeremy Wood and Ron Underwood, both small business owners, talk.






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    I need a size 4 horseshoe ring, not no really expensive one, and 3 small heart pendants for granddaughters.. can you help?

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