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Dalton’s precious gift

Jennifer Moonsong

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Amidst the season we gather together to celebrate the greatest gift of all, a local family has translated their grief into goodness, with the true meaning of Christmas: Giving.

Dalton’s Story

In November, just six days before his 23rd birthday, Glasgow man Dalton Bishop, met with an untimely fate.

In the wake of his passing, accolades given by family and friends about Dalton’s generous nature and servant’s heart were numerous.

“Dalton had a heart of gold, and he was always, always thinking about what he could do for others,” said Dalton’s father, William Bishop.

Thanks to a decision Dalton made when he was only 16-years-old, that generosity and giving spirit extended beyond his life, in the form of an organ donation.

“When Dalton was 16 and I went with him to get his driver’s license, they asked if he wanted to be an organ donor. Dalton looked at me, questioning what it meant,” said William.

“I told him that I was an organ donor and his mother was an organ donor. His sister Gretchen is as well. I told him it’s a good thing to do if you wanted to help someone. Dalton always wanted to help somebody if he could, and he didn’t hesitate a bit.”

Now, less than a month after Dalton’s death, the family received an unexpected letter. The letter came from the Kentucky Lions Eye Bank, telling the Bishop family that a 62-year-old Louisville man is the recipient of Dalton’s cornea. The letter further expressed that the gentleman who got Dalton’s cornea had a successful surgery on the 25 of November, the day before Dalton’s birthday.

“We are tickled to death that in this tragic time, Dalton could still do some good in the world. He was such a caring person and I know that he is in heaven looking down, happy to know that he helped somebody,” said William.

There are other ways in which Dalton’s life lives on, too. His example is an inspiration to his father, friends, and other family members.

“Dalton was a good son,” William said. “He always saw the best in people, and I wish that I could be more like that every day. He was honest, loving, and always seeking out the best in others.” It is an example worth following.

Dalton’s Legacy

Although Dalton’s loss is immeasurable, the Bishop family does have hope. It is their hope that the people who learn of Dalton’s story will follow his example and become organ donors.

“Dalton is in heaven, and you can’t take your organs with you,” William said poignantly.

“If you can help somebody, I don’t see why you wouldn’t. When you sign up for the organ donor program they ask you to give a dollar. Some people might just think that’s a racket to get money, but it isn’t. A dollar isn’t very much to give, to know you’ve helped save a life.”

At this juncture, the Bishop family does not know whether or not the program will allow them to meet the recipient of Dalton’s cornea, but that is another hope they hold near and dear.

“We really do want to meet him someday, we hope it happens,” said William.

“We also hope that someone got his precious heart because it would make the world a better place.”


Dalton’s kind and giving spirit is evident in these photos of him throughout the years with friends and family.


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  1. Jennie wilson on December 25, 2020 at 12:39 pm

    Dalton was reared by a special family and he continued to display the good qualities they taught him.

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