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City offers small business grant

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The Edmonton City Council met in special session last Wednesday by teleconference to comply with the Governors Covid-19 precautions.

The City of Edmonton received an allocation of $112,893 from the CARES grant from the state of Kentucky. This grant is for reimbursement of Covid related expenses incurred from March 1 – December 30, 2020, with documentation of expenses incurred.

In an effort to help small businesses within the city limits of Edmonton, it was decided by a unanimous vote by councilmembers that part of the allocation would be set aside for a small business relief fund.

Any businesses (no franchises) that have experienced business interruption of their normal retail sales and serves due to Covid-19 and have paid a business license fee for the calendar years 2019 and 2020 are eligible to apply for the Edmonton CARES Small Business COVID-19 Relief Fund grant program.

Applicants can pick up an application at Edmonton City Hall. All applications must be received no later than the close of business on Friday, December 18, 2020. The eligibility will be determined by a 3rd party agency representative from Frankfort.

You may read more detailed information about applying for the Edmonton CARES Small Business COVID-19 Relief Fund within this issue of the Edmonton Herald-News in the city council’s public notice.

The regular monthly business consisted of approval of the second reading of Ordinance 2020-2021-05 which changes the monthly city council meeting time from 6 p.m. to 4 p.m. effective January 1, 2021.

Also approved in its first reading was Ordinance 2020-21-06 to amend the budget by revising appropriation funds of the general fund (police department) in the amount of $8,500. This amount is for retirement fund costs for the period a retiring officer was deployed on military duty.

The City Police Department’s November activity report was presented with 39 traffic stops, 69 complaints answered, 12 arrests, 35 citations written, 1 animal call, 3 warrants served, 11 domestics issues, 12 non-injury accidents, 3 injury accidents, 2 investigations opened, 2 incomplete 911 calls investigated, 1 alcohol intoxication, 2 DUI’s, 1 Drug-related, and 2 medical for a total of 195.

The Edmonton Fire Department reported 2 assist calls, 3 injury accidents, and 10 medical runs for a total of 15 runs in November.

ABC Administrator Fred Ray reported that all businesses were in compliance with the alcohol regulation; however, one citation had been written for an advertising offense. The council declined to amend Ordinance 2016-2017-02 concerning alcohol advertisement.

It was also noted that the Edmonton Memorial Park has begun setting up the annual Christmas display.

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