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Edmonson County Fiscal Court Meeting

Left to Right: County Attorney Greg Vincent, Judge/Executive Will Cannon, County Clerk Kevin Alexander, and Magistrate Mark Meeks.
















Edmonson County Fiscal Court Meeting
By Cody Early

The Edmonson County Fiscal Court met in session on October 26.

County Clerk Kevin Alexander reported on the voting progress. Alexander reported that so far the clerk’s office have had 1,175 mail in ballot requests. Estimated in person voting is estimated to be 1,600 ballots already turned in, with 300 turned in on Friday and 145 on Saturday.

Also during the meeting, the road report mentioned the land procurement at 3020 Veterans Memorial. A $20,000 down payment has been made. It will be split 60% general, 40% road. The road report also showed repairs made at Bridge Road and Hawks Road, R Kelly Road, Reid Road, Lewis Road, Reagan Road, Lakeshore, Francesca and Soranto Drive, Stonehill, Wilderness, Lakeshore, American Rock Road, Cedar Grove Road, Bailey Branch, and three bus turn around zones and a re-wrapped ditch line on Pinner Road (FEMA). It was also reported repairs were needed on some road equipment totaling $9,800.

The EC20-26, purchase real property was approved. Update on procurement of 3020 Veteran’s Memorial showed that the Fiscal Court has hired law firm Harlan & Parker to represent. The final inspection of the property was Wednesday, October 21, and the closing of the property was set for October 26 at 4 p.m. The original purchase price for this property was $105,000. With the $15,000 penalty in place, the final purchase price is estimated at $90,000. The plan in place is to use the property to facilitate an animal shelter for the county.

There was a treasurer’s request to close E911 Checking Account at Limestone Bank and to open E911 Checking Account at Bank of Edmonson County. This was approved and will ultimately save the county money in transfer fees, as well as allow more money to be made from the interest.

Clean up week reported 27 dumpsters were filled, approximately 40 tons. An estimated 5 1/2 tons of recycled material was collected, which will be sold, and that money will go back into the general fund.

A meeting for Rec Tax was held on October 19. The next meeting is set for January 25th at Edmonson County Courthouse.

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