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Maize maze 2020 – An experience in Ag appreciation

Ag students had various informative and fun booths as part of their class project.

Jennifer Moonsong

Central Division

General Manager

Jobe Publishing, Inc.


Last week MCES students took their annual tour to the corn maze, for an agricultural learning experience provided by high school teacher Lynn Hawkins and her MCHS Ag students.

Each group of the children who took a scenic walk from the elementary school to the cornfield learned a lot about one of Kentucky’s top crops: Corn!

“It’s important that we all know and appreciate that food doesn’t just come from IGA or the Dollar Store,” said Hawkins.

“Farmers grow our food, and make it possible for us to have healthy food to feed us.”

As always, the students had various educational stations set up for the younger children to learn all there is to know, from recognizing different seeds to learning a diverse list of uses for corn.

“The corn grown in this field is the type of corn that is used to feed livestock,” Hawkins said.

One added feature this year was that the students were given pedometers provided by Yuki extension to track how many steps they took while touring the corn maze.

As always, when the educational aspect of the maze was over the fun didn’t end. The maze has a secondary use when the stars come out, and ghosts and ghouls (students, friends, and family) turn it into a haunted corn maze, which has become a seasonal favorite for the community.

Raylee Fields and Josie Saltsman explore the maze.

Renezmae Bennett pauses for a picture with the hornets.

Mrs. Miller’s class enjoyed guessing what seeds belong to different plants grown in Kentucky.

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