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County urges citizens to follow guidelines

Jennifer Moonsong

Central Division

General Manager

Jobe Publishing, Inc.


Although Metcalfe County was the last in the region to get its first COVID-19 case, numbers are now climbing steadily with over 160 people having contacted the virus.

“We are adding sometimes two or three cases a day,” said Judge/Executive Harold Stilts.

Last week stilts participated in a conference call with Gov. Andy Beshear who expressed concern for the growing numbers.

Although Stilts does not agree with the notion of a mandate for mask wearing, he does want to encourage people to do all they can to slow down the growing number of cases.

“Be cautious and safe and wear those masks,” said Stilts. “Especially in crowds and in places where it is difficult to socially distance. When I am in grocery stores and public places I still see a lot of people not wearing masks.”

Stilts asks that the people of Metcalfe County have compassion for others in the community.

“We need to be considerate of the elderly people, and those with health conditions that make them more susceptible to catching the virus,” he said.

Still it’s pointed out that at this point in time, there are very few people within the county that the virus has not touched in some way or another.

“It’s either affected them or someone in their families, their friends or their neighbors,” Stilts said.

“Reach out and help those in need, and help one another get through this thing.”


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