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History looks to the future at MCPL

The historic Jim’s Grill building is now a memory. Last week the demolition crew took down the former restaurant. “The Grill” was owned and operated by James Floyd and Jean Pedigo and their children.

Special to the Edmonton Herald-News


Over the summer, the building that formerly housed Jim’s Grill was auctioned and purchased by the Metcalfe County Public Library.

Last week, the historic building, which was beyond repair, was taken down with the future in mind. Many from Edmonton have recollections of playing pool or eating a Shirley Burger there.

The library staff and board acknowledge that it is sad to see the building go, but in light of the fact that it was unrepairable, they feel glad that they can still offer the property a future.

“The library understands the significance of the property and the community’s connection to it and wish to develop it in a way that gives back to the community, said new director Kasey Warf.

In honor of the former eatery, several bricks were preserved as well as Barn Lot Theater giving the sign a new home.

As for the soon to be empty lot, the library has plans. Specific details will not be emergent until a later date.

“We are working towards it and we do have a plan, these things just take time,” Warf said.

They do know that an addition to the facility for community events and additional parking are part of the equation.


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