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Glass says farewell

Glass and her family, whom she will be able to spend much more time with as she enters retirement.

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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of other people.”

Mahatma Gandhi


Friends and family gathered around Rhonda Glass, former director of the Metcalfe County Public Library last Friday, at an open house to bid her farewell and to say a heartfelt “thank you”.

“Rhonda is a wonderful person to whom Metcalfe County is indebted. She’s gone above and beyond the call of duty,” said Herb Sparks.

Glass described her sentiment about retirement as bittersweet.

Glass’s parents, children, and grandchildren were all there.

Her father commented on how he felt she found her calling.

Describing his daughter as having “always been a bookworm”, he and Glass described together her early love of literature.

“I spent one summer reading and re-reading a chapter book the neighbor gave me. I think I was in third grade,”  Glass reminisced.

Ella, 6, and Noah, 5, agreed that they are happy to be able to have more time with their grandmother while her mother teasingly congratulated her, saying she’d have plenty of time to cook and clean now.

In addition to expected faces, Glass’s longtime friend and mentor Evelyn Richardson made a surprise appearance to wish Rhonda well in her new chapter of life.

“I’m so glad that she traveled from Russellville to be here,” said Glass.

“She took me under her wing. Evelyn always knows the right thing to say at the right time.”

“Rhonda has been an ideal director,” Richardson said. “Dedicated to her work, and she has done an exemplary job.”

Richardson, who was the regional librarian for a quarter of a century also pointed out that Glass has the distinction of being the last of the ten librarians under her tutelage to retire.

Glass and her mentor Evelyn Richardson, who was the regional librarian for 25 years.

The staff of MCPL gifted Glass a video of memories, and thanked her for always being more than a boss.

“You have always said we are a family,” they commented on their video farewell.

Although Glass doesn’t have specific plans for her retirement, she does know that time spent with family is in her near future, especially the grandkids.

Granddaughter Ella enjoys a cupcake.











Glass and her staff.

Glass and the MCPL board members.



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