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Second chance for farmers during COVID times CFAP

A field of tobacco near the Metcalfe-Green line.

Jennifer Moonsong

Central Division

General Manger

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The USDA has announced a second round of Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) payments for famers who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19.

This second wave of help will total nearly $14 billion and will not preclude new commodities including tobacco, hemp, wheat, and goats.

“Some things that were included the first time, like beef cattle, will he included again,” said Metcalfe County agricultural agent Brandon Bell.

“A lot of new specialty crops have been included this second time.”

Enrollment is underway now at local FSA offices. The deadline to sign up for this assistance is December 11th.

This second allotment of payments will be based on three factors: price triggers, sales, and flat rate commodities.

For “price trigger” commodities eligibility will be based on experiencing a 5% or greater national price decline in comparison to the average prices for the week of January 13-17, 2020, and July 27-31, 2020.

For sales, payment calculations will use a sales-based approach where producers are paid based on five payment gradations associated with their 2019 sales.

When it comes to flat rate commodities, it will pertain to those who do not meet the 5% or greater national price decline trigger or do not have data available to calculate a price change.

For complete details on eligible commodities, payment rates/methodologies, and sign-up, visit USDA’s CFAP website at





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