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Spook-tacular Fun – Chamber offers two new Halloween events

Although nothing can replace the beloved pumpkin festival or trick-or-treating around the Square, the chamber has done a wonderful job of organizing events that will be equally as fun and fulfilling for those who crave the sweet and spooky flavor of the season. Pictured, the scene from a past Pumpkin Festival.

Jennifer Moonsong

Central Division

General Manager

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Even though many of the seasonal traditions the community embraces have fallen to the wayside this year, the Edmonton-Metcalfe Chamber of Commerce has devices new ways to have fun.

Drive Thru Trick or Treat

“When we realized the Pumpkin Festival wouldn’t be possible this year because of COVID-19, the board of directors immediately started brainstorming ideas that could still make fall a fun time for our community,” said Torrie Osbon, President of the Chamber.

Each year, the town square draws copious amounts of children looking to score candy.

“They could not see over one thousand children, even with masks, elbow to elbow parading around the square. City Employee Dawn Devore had contacted the Chamber Office asking about the Chamber’s plans for Halloween. On behalf of the City of Edmonton, she offered Edmonton Memorial Park for a Drive Through Trick or Treat,” said Gay Shaw.

“At the Sept. Board of Directors meeting, much thought was given as to what could be done so the children could still participate in a safe, fun trick or treat. The Board unanimously voted to host this year’s event at Edmonton Memorial Park.”

The event will be held Saturday October 31st from 3-5p.m.

There will be rules.

No one will be allowed to get out of vehicles. Businesses/churches/organizations will set up decorated tables, and hand the candy to the children inside the vehicles,” Shaw said.

The chamber encourages participants to decorate cars to add to the fun.

Participants handing out the candy can decorate their space as well, making for a festive gathering.

This event in no way replaces the typical door to door trick or treat. Those hours will be set by the City of Edmonton.

Pumpkin Patch Parade around the Square

In efforts to help replace the much missed pumpkin festival, the chamber is also offering a Pumpkin Patch Parade October 1-31.

Businesses, schools and individuals are encouraged to design creative fall/Halloween displays to be set up at various locations around the historic town square.

Those who wish to participate must fill out an entry form and return it to the chamber by October 1. The chamber will assign locations to each participant.

“As for the Pumpkin Patch Parade Around the Square, we may be forced to social distance, but we can still look good while we do it. Fall decorating has become almost as popular as decorating for Christmas. This event allows everyone in the community to get creative, promote their business or group, and win some prize money at the same time. And the best part, to enjoy the beauty or spooky, you can just drive around the square and not have to get out of your car,” said Osbon.

“The display should be set up by ‪Oct. 1 – Oct 13th and remain ‪until Oct. 31st. An entry form must be filled out and can be obtained from the Chamber Office. Judging will take place ‪Oct. 14. Metcalfe County Money will be given as prizes,” Shaw said.

“We hope we have wonderful participation and all will enjoy the displays.”


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