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Vehicle Tax Rate Set

By PJ Martin


The Edmonton Herald-News


The September meeting of the Edmonton City Council was held in person on Tuesday, September 8th with those attending socially distanced to adhere to the Governors restrictions.

The second reading of the Motor Vehicle and Watercraft Property Tax Rate Ordinance 2020-21-02 was approved. As of the first day of January 2021, the tax of 15.2 % per $100 of assessed value will be levied on motor vehicles and watercraft in the City of Edmonton. This is the same as last year, no increase.

The first reading of the 2021 Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Ordinance 2020-21-03 was approved. The second reading will be heard at the next meeting. The current tax rate is .085 per $100 of assessed value.

The council went into executive session for approximately 50 minutes to discuss litigation, but no action was taken.

Public Works Superintendent Moe Hensley advised the council that the Dunham Lake water draw down had been begun again. “Dave Bowles is supposed to be here next Thursday. If everything goes good, He’s gonna stay here until he gets it done…repairing the lake”

City Police Chief Delaney Wilson presented the departments August activity report with 39 traffic stops, 50 complaint calls, 19 arrests, 50 citations written, 2 animal calls, 8 warrants served, 9 domestic violence calls, 7 non-injury accidents, 1 in jury accident, 3 new investigations opened, 5 incomplete 911 calls, 4 DUI’s, 2 EPOs served, 3 drug investigations, and 5 medical calls for a total of 207.

Chief Wilson also informed the council that as of August 30th Officer Allen Huffman had resigned and that has left the department one person short.

Parks and Recreation Director Brian Garrett advised that his department was spraying bleach water to disinfect the two playground, the front restrooms, and the picnic shelter tables daily. He also noted that the speed limit signs in the park have been changed from 15 mph down to 10 mph to curb speeding issues.

No August fire department run report was available due to a computer failure at the fire department.


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