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Fashionably fun way to work

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Bethany Steinhaus became a Glasgow girl when she moved to Kentucky with her family the year she started first grade at Happy Valley Elementary. From as early as she can recall, she was mesmerized by anything and everything about the fashion industry.

“I loved fashion,” she said. “When I was very young, I use to make clothes for my Barbie Dolls, when I couldn’t find what I wanted for them available in stores. My mom and grandma taught me to sew at a very young age, so I could make whatever I needed pretty easily.”

As an adolescent and teenager, her obsession only grew.

“I loved fashion magazines! I couldn’t get my hands on enough of them. Friends would give them to me after they were done reading them, and I would rip them apart and tape the fashion editorials I liked to my walls and dreamed of being the women in those pictures” said Steinhaus.

“I always had an eye for pairing things, mixing patterns and styling,” she said, which was quite telling about her career path.

In 8th grade, she started her life in the working world by becoming a model and actress for the John Casablanca Agency in Nashville.

“It was a dream,” she said. In high school, studies took most of her time and she pulled away from the modeling industry but never lost her drive to be part of the world of high fashion.

After graduating from Glasgow High School, Steinhaus attended WKU where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in

Design, Fashion Merchandising, and Textile Science.

“I did three internships while I was in school, you’re only required to do one, but I loved everything about my studies, from the design end to the business end. It was a very well rounded education that prepared me for what was to come,” she said.

Two of those internships were with Fruit of the Loom, where she was offered a position when she graduated, in Merchandising for men’s underwear, the most revenue generating business in their brand portfolio under the basics category.

“It was a great experience and I learned a lot,” Steinhaus said.

After her stint with Fruit of the Loom, she landed a job with Hanesbrands in North Carolina where she further honed her merchandising and strategic brand management skills.

This summer Steinhaus reached a new height of achievement for a young woman working her way up the fashion industry ladder when she landed a job with BohoBlu as the Digital Sales Manager.

“It is such an honor to be part of something cutting edge in the world of online shopping and fashion marketing,” Steinhaus said.

BohoBlu is a North Carolina based line of boutiques founded by a young couple who desired to bring trendy, boutique items to the customer at a more affordable price point.

“Jenny and Patrick founded the company, after a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico on their honeymoon where they stumbled upon an amazing boutique with fun, unique garments for under $70! After some research, they saw this was a white space in the markets back home and that is how this family-owned business was born,” said Steinhaus.

The company has four brick and mortar retail locations in North Carolina, and a thriving, and ever-growing online presence through and CommentSold.

“It’s wonderful to see that we have clients in New York, Los Angeles, and Texas, on top of our amazing, loyal following in North Carolina,” she said.  “And we are dedicated to bringing affordable, unique, and fun items to our clients. Nothing is above the $70 price point which is a steal in the boutique world.”

For many small, family-owned businesses the wrath of COVID-19 was the end. But for some fortunate businesses such as BohoBlu, it was only the beginning of innovative measures to boost product sales through CommentSold.

“There is a huge US market, and during the pandemic we have greatly increased online sales,” Steinhaus said.

As the Digital Sales Manager Bethany will be leading the website and CommentSold through the BohoBlu Boutique app.

“I love using social media to grow a small local business like this into a national brand,” Steinhaus said.

Even though she has reached a definite high point in her career, the childlike love of what she is doing is still with her and she enjoys coordinating outfits for herself as much as she loves working with her clients.

She describes her own style as classy chic, coupled with a bit of fun quirkiness.

“The blazer is my signature item in a fun color or pattern,” she said. “I like to wear a fun blazer with heels and statement earrings.”

As a people person, working with people to create something they feel good about wearing makes her happy.

“I love what I do and I hope people from Kentucky will reach out and shop with us! It will be a great way to bring what I do and love back home to my roots in Kentucky,” Steinhaus said.

To see what BohoBlu has to offer, just visit the website

“I encourage anyone who is interested in shopping with us to add us on Facebook and Instagram, as well as download the BohoBlu boutique app so they can shop on the CommentSold Lives with me and Taylor. We do new Lives each day for Missy and Curvy sizes.”


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