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Keep healthy, Hornets

Jennifer Moonsong

Central Division

General Manager

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Summer is in full swing, and for many, that means paying particular attention to health and wellness.

Community Education is now offering a weight loss support group to help keep people in Metcalfe County encouraged and accountable.

“This is a very informal weight loss support group,” said Kristin Crouch, of Community Education.

This new offering was inspired by necessity.

“A member of the community reached out to me because the weight loss meetings they had been attending were no longer available, and asked if we could offer a similar weight loss support group and meetings through Community Education.”

So far the feedback has been good, and many have attendees have been stopping in.

People can stop in anytime in the two-hour window each week to weigh in.

“Each week there will be new information available to take home, like recipes, tips for meal planning, and healthy eating. We provide a form to track progress from week to week,” said Crouch. “We want to celebrate when goals are met and offer encouragement to someone who might be struggling.”

In planning for the class, Crouch enlisted the help of Heather Shaw at the Extension office, who provided resources, tools, and recipes.

The meetings are held every Tuesday from 3-5 p.m. in the Community Education Building, located above MC Shirt Shop. (Attendees need to park up top.)

This class is free if you are a Wellness Center member. Non-members have the option of paying $5/week or $15/month.

“Our goal with Healthy Hornets is to be a source of encouragement and fill a need in our community. That’s what Community Education is all about,” said Crouch. “Enriching the lives of community members and offering opportunities that meet the needs and interests. Learning is a lifelong process and we all need those opportunities to enhance our lives and connect to others.”

Crouch added that she hopes this class will be offered for a long time.

New members are welcome at any time*.

“If you missed last week don’t worry, feel free to come this week. This is an ongoing weight loss support group and you can start whenever it works for you,” she said.

People can contact Kristin with any questions at ‪270-432-0553 or ‪

*Wearing a face mask is now REQUIRED to enter the building.

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