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An eye from the sky for natural beauty

Wayne Garmon says landscape photography is still his favorite.

Jennifer Moonsong

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General Manager

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Photos provided by Wayne Garmon


While vacationing in Florida a few years ago, Glasgow native Wayne Garmon was mesmerized by the stunning beach vistas at sunrise and sunset and decided to capture the moment.

That’s how he got his start in nature photography, and from there his passion for capturing beauty with his lens has expanded into a secondary career path.

“At this point, I would say it’s kind of a business,” he said, although it started as a hobby.

“The beauty of what is out there in the natural world is amazing and changes every day. It will never be the same twice. You will never take the same picture twice,” said Garmon.

Nature photography has also given Garmon and excuse to get out and explore the surrounding counties, getting to know the people and places of South Central Kentucky.

“It is fun to get out and explore different places, and I like people. I get to talk to people and get to know new people and there are so many nice people out there,” he said.

Then about two years ago, Garmon’s photography took an upward turn when he turned his interest to aerial photography.

“Back in the 80s, people used to go around and get photos of peoples’ barns and property in an airplane. My grandmother had one of those hanging in her house, and I always thought they were so cool,” Garmon said.

He purchased his first drone and began experimenting. Garmon likes the challenge.

“I like the ability to get a unique angle, you can’t do that standing on the ground,” he said.

Since then, Garmon has become quite well known for his photography and continues to add to his list of expertise.

“I do senior photography and portraits,” Garmon said. “I don’t do maternity photography or baby photography.”

“Wayne has been collaborating with our family for three years. He’s photographed both our girls, Jerrica and Annika, as well as the entire Reed family of approximately 30 people. No matter how large or small the photoshoot, he always takes the effort and time to get the best shots possible,” said Laura Reed of Metcalfe County.

“Wayne Garmon generates some of the most creative and artistic photography ideas! He is constantly researching new techniques and attending workshops to perfect his talents.”

For anyone interested in hobby photography, Garmon says to start with a basic photography class to better understand your camera functions and lighting.

“There are also lots of classes on Youtube now,” he added.

Anyone interested in seeing his work may do so by contacting him via his Facebook page, Wayne Garmon Photography.


An aerial view of the iconic Wigwam Hotel in Cave City.


An aerial view of historic Sulphur Well along Highway 70.




Queen Anne’s Lace stands proud on a summer evening in Garmon’s backyard.



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