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Taylor takes over the GEPB

Fight moves from power lines to political power


Jeff Jobe
Publisher, Barren County Progress

In a move that has never been seen in Glasgow, a sole individual has assumed control of the operation of the Glasgow Electric Plant Board (GEPB).

John “Tag” Taylor has taken control of the operation on his own and without board attorney knowledge, the vote of his board, or consult with the Glasgow Mayor, a vote from the city council, or even notice to customers.

“I am the chairman of the Electric Plant Board…and I continue to be your chairman,” Taylor stated in a letter to the employees of the GEPB.

Taylor took it upon himself to bypass the superintendent and reached into the operation as manager and directing employees as to where the authority of the GEPB lies: within himself.

He explained his action coming from not having an answer on what to do with a question having been given to the Glasgow City Council for their contacts of the Kentucky League of Cities or the Attorney General’s Office.  The question was whether DT Froedge was still an active board member.

Taylor himself had addressed and voted on the resignation submitted by Froedge that said, “Upon acceptance of Mayor Armstrong…”.  He was repeatedly informed that Armstrong never accepted the resignation, and that Froedge rescinded it prior to any action taken.

Taylor ignores written notices from the Mayor provided to him and his board stating that Froedge is still a member of GEPB, and he seems to dismiss the months and months of meetings in which he and the board secretary signed-off on official minutes stating that Froedge is a member of the board.

Taylor’s actions are clearly a result from a political power play against the Mayor of Glasgow. Armstrong attended a meeting late last year and requested the board to hire an independent power consultant.  In the initial meeting, Taylor was agreeable, and Armstrong went to bat for the GEPB and secured approval from the Glasgow City Council to pay up to $50,000.  But something happened in a private meeting with Taylor and Armstrong, and since that time Taylor has openly joined Councilman Patrick Gaunce in defying Armstrong’s position on most any issue.  Gaunce supported the opponent running against Armstrong and has worked against him since being elected.

Even with a council vote to help pay for an independent power consultant from the Glasgow Mayor, City Council, strong objections from the community and members of his board, Taylor pushed through a 20-year TVA contract without any power industry independent opinion.  The community as a whole was disappointed because this was their chance to get beyond the spin from those who want Ray fired because of his failed “infotricity” to others who trust in Ray and believed this could go a long way to regain his credibility. Ray had many years of being a leader in  the industry.

Taylor informed his GEPB employees that Superintendent Billy Ray will continue to be in charge of the operation and that he has instructed Ray to remove D.T. Froedge from all communications.

Taylor also said in the one page memorandum that he has lost confidence in the board attorney Ronnie Hampton and will be addressing this at a later date.

Froedge has confirmed that he has been informed by Ray that Tag Taylor has removed him from all board communications and is no longer a member of the board.

Keep reading the Barren County Progress for what really happens in the weeks to come regarding Taylor’s takeover of the GEPB.

At right, John “Tag” Taylor speaks out against Froedge pushing for Robert’s Rules. It is the most used parliamentary procedure in the United States. Taylor removed when he gained control of the board after Libby Pruitt Short began to caucus with him and Jeff Harned.


  1. Alida Akers on May 14, 2020 at 5:47 pm

    Under stressful times when the house is trembling the bugs come out of the woodwork.

  2. Kay Emmitt on May 14, 2020 at 6:00 pm

    Mr.Taylor is anothet one that needs to go.It has seemed to me all along that Taylor and Mr.Ray were way to close and backed each other a little to much.Battle one battle them both.Time the good old Boy policy is gone.The people have been put through way to much destress by the EPB.
    Thank you Mr.Jobe for your continued concern.

  3. Benjamin Harper on May 15, 2020 at 9:54 am

    I don’t think he is qualified to call himself in charge of the EPB . Other people must be telling him how to do what he is doing .
    ? Is Jeff still pulling the strings ?
    This is a mess of EPB that all started with one heel clicking idiot .

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