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Signs of Encouragement

PJ Martin


The Herald-News


Would you like to show essential workers they are appreciated and thank them for a job well done?

Well, Freeda Reece is on a mission to do just that. She is asking individuals or businesses to have a sign made and place it in front of the Metcalfe Health Care Center or Harper’s Home for the Aged to show how greatly those workers are appreciated.

After all, these essential workers are caring for our most vulnerable community members during this crisis and what better way for people to show them how much they are appreciated for the job they are doing.

“I’ve heard many times how hard it is for the people working at the nursing homes. Not only are they doing their jobs but with the quarantine, they have taken on extra duties,” explained Freeda.

Since the residents cannot receive visits from family or friends during the quarantine, employees have become surrogate family members. They have also taken extra steps to help residents safely see their loved ones through video chats, setting up visits through outside doors or windows, and even creating Facebook posts with the residents.

“People may not have thought about it and I think it will help all the residents to see that people care and appreciate them also,” noted Freeda. “We all need a little encouragement from time to time.”

If you would like to order a sign call The Printing Press at 270-432-3964. Mailing a thank you or uplifting message in a card would also be an encouragement to not only the staff but the residents.

If you would like to mail a card those can be addressed to Metcalfe Health Care Center, 701 Skyline Drive, Edmonton, KY 42129, and Harper’s Home for the Aged Inc., 2905 Columbia Road, Edmonton, KY 42129.


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