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What is a presumptive positive?

By Jennifer Moonsong
General Manager
Metcalfe/Monroe Division

Metcalfe County stands alone in the region as the only county to not yet have a positive test result, while approximately 20 tests have been conducted.  Because of this, some people have been lulled into a false sense of security, but according to the CDC, the Barren River Regional Health Department and Metcalfe County Emergency Management Director, Emory Kidd, we need to live as though it’s around us every day.

Why? For starters, not everyone who is symptomatic is tested. With a limited number of test supplies available, unless a patient is a front line worker and symptomatic or in a high risk category and symptomatic they will not be administered a test.

Instead, it will be presumed they are positive, and sent home to self-quarantine for 14 days. “That’s makes it a presumptive positive,” said Kidd. Unfortunately, not everyone follows the rules. “There was a woman in a local store bragging that she was presumed positive but still able to shop,” Kidd added. “People need to understand the seriousness of this.”

If you are symptomatic, the best advice is to live as though you’ve tested positive regardless of whether or not you qualify for testing. As Kentucky’s Health Commissioner, Dr. Steven Stack advised early on, everyone needs to live as though everyone has it, including themselves.  For a list of symptoms and resources, visit the CDC website or the BRDHD Facebook page.


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