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Path for New Leadership Clearing the Next Phase in Kentucky Hemp

Recent financial upheaval for large initial players in the industry will allow greater competition for companies like Kentucky-based Heritage Gardens 

Louisville, KY Heritage Gardens, LLC (HG), a woman-owned / minority-owned and Veteran owned business, is working to build long-term sustainable relationships with all licensed Kentucky farmers. HG will begin building these relationships through the immediate purchase of hemp from Kentucky farmers left holding perishable harvests.

HG can offer 5-year contracts for industrial hemp to current licensed farmers cultivating hemp and farmers who are in the midst of transitions to industrial hemp farming.

HG started in Jefferson Co., Kentucky in 2017 as a self-sustaining economic revitalization effort for the Russell neighborhood of West End, Louisville. HG is currently developing plans to construct facilities for industrial hemp operations in Pulaski County but will maintain headquarters in Louisville.

“In lieu of troubled contracts, HG has developed a joint venture with the worlds largest farm cooperative and now has the capacity to buy all existing harvest that licensed hemp farmers have not been able to sell. HG can also offer 5-year future committal contracts that are backed by existing purchase contracts verified by HSBC bank. Resources for emergency purchase of harvested products will be possible through our partnership with Ford Biofuel Company,” says the company’s founder, Denise Raine.

The partnership will host an event next month to organize the emergency efforts and discuss the proposed 5-year solution. We hope to encourage those small and growing family farms to continue to plant and expand. Interested growers and other suppliers should contact the partnership at 502-297-3464 for more information, however the company email is the best way to get an immediate reply. It is

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