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MCMS celebrates literacy

Students participating in escape rooms..

Last week MCMS went to great lengths to celebrate Literacy Week in style.

Whitney Curd, along with Buddie Brockman and Lesley London, are part of the original literacy cohort team that organized this annual event.

“Literacy Day was created to provide more insight into the importance of instilling a love for reading while emphasizing the necessity for skills in all careers and daily life,” said Curd. 

In the weeks leading up to this event, all teachers incorporated literacy within their classrooms.

“Literacy Day provided students and their families an opportunity to be exposed to a variety of literacy products and activities to promote student achievement and to gain knowledge in literacy skills such as reading, language/vocabulary, listening, speaking, and writing,” Curd said.

These skills were conveyed through activities such as research & presentations, project boards, escape rooms, the Book Fair, and games such as word bingo.

“Afterward, students and families hopefully felt more comfortable with literacy and empowered to practice literacy skills with one another at home,” said Curd.

She added that the importance of literacy is not wrapped up in one day.

“It has been a daily focus at Metcalfe County Middle School this year,” she said.

Students participating in escape rooms.

Guest speaker, Ken Branstetter, speaking with students about his career at Wright Implement.

Students decorated doors based on various pieces of literary text.

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