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Winter Tales makes fall debute

Carol and Susan displaying the new book, which would make a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone who loves Metcalfe County.

By Jennifer Moonsong

Central Division,

General Manager,

Jobe Publishing, Inc.


Last September dynamic retired teacher writing-duo, Susan Chambers and Carol Perkins, released a book about Metcalfe County history. Since that time,  a former student had it added to the Library of Congress.

This fall, the second book in the series, Winter Tales Metcalfe is being released. It is certain to to give anyone with roots and memories here the warm fuzzies.

“We were initially going to call it Stories We Tell, but we wanted to have a winter theme without having a Christmas thing,” said Carol.

“I called Susan and told her to come up with another title, I told her to put her thinking cap on because I was not liking that one.”

Susan took the task to heart and the new title Winter Tales was inspired by a Shakespearean classic.

When asked what inspired this new work, Susan said, “Carol inspired me.”

Carol’s inspiration came from her own contemplations and memories.

“You know how it is, being a writer. I was sitting around one night thinking about Christmas songs. And stories related to Christmas songs.”

Not long after that, Carol had  created a list of chapter titles which she shared with Susan.

The list went far beyond songs, to everything from recipes, funny stories, December weddings, and so forth.

Both are eager to say that although this is a history of sorts, it is not a detailed history, but more of a social history of modern times.

“This is the more emotional part,” said Susan.

“It’s happy and warm,” Carol added.

What aspect of the publication that both are very proud  of, is that they got to interview several people from the county of 95 or older, including 102-year-old has Mrs. Vibbert.

Part of the journey, simply listening to other people’s stories, has been a great part of the fun. “We love going to Country Tyme Diner in Summer Shade after the show, there’s always a lot of great people there with good stories.”

One such story took place just after the schools consolidated to Edmonton.

“In 1960, we  were the first to go to the regional tournament after the consolidation, and there was the biggest snow you’ve ever seen,” said Susan.

They tell the tales of our team members who  had to be there, and there were no interstates, only back roads to travel.

The book is already available via Amazon.

However, if you would like an opportunity to get a signed copy and meet the local authors in person, you can attend the November 10 book signing at the Barn Lot Theater in Edmonton.

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