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Road repairs and burn ban

Judge Stilts listens as Treasurer Stephens presents the monthly financial report.

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News

The October 8th meeting of the Metcalfe County Fiscal Court was short and sweet with most of the discussion about the Memorandum of Agreement between the court and Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. The KyTC has approved flex funding in the amount of $188,062.

Judge/Executive Harold Stilts explained that there will be patching on several roads where they had to cut the roadway to put in new tiles. “So we’ll be using a lot of that money patching those road cuts.”

  • Beechville Rd from KY 543 north to US 68, patching .10 mile.
  • Bennett Ridge East Rd from Adair Co. line north to Bridgeport-Keltner Rd, patching 1.08 miles.
  • Cave Ridge-New Liberty Rd. from US 68 north to KY 640, 3.793 miles.
  • Cedar Flat-Curtis Rd. from KY 163 east to KY 496, patching.50 mile.
  • Cedar Hill Rd. from KY 640 west to Barren Co. line, patching .25 miles.
  • Coomer Rd. from KY 861 east to Spradlin Rd, patching .25 miles.
  • Echo Rd. from KY 640 west to New Liberty-Big Meadow Rd, patching .10 mile.
  • Fred Smith-Lone Star Church Rd .from Goodluck-Beaumont Rd. east to Lone Star Ridge Rd, patching .10 mile.
  • Glen Shaw Rd. form Cedar Flat-Curtis Rd. south to Ferris Creek Rd., patching .10 mile.
  • Iron Mountain Rd. from KY 314 west to Savoyard Park Rd., patching .40 mile.
  • J. Bragg Rd. from KY 2390 east to end of county maintenance, patching.10 mile.
  • Lone Star Ridge Rd. from KY 90 north to Cedar Flat-Curtis Rd., patching .50 mile.
  • New Liberty-Big Meadow Rd. from Cave Ridge –New Liberty Rd. north to Barren Co. line, patching .20 mile.
  • Savoyard Park Rd. from KY 314 north to Barren Co. line, patching .20 mile.
  • Shady Grove-Whickerville Rd. from KY 218 north to Green Co. line, patching .10 mile.
  • Smith Cemetery Rd. from KY 1243 west to Cave Ridge-New Liberty Rd, patching .20 mile
  • Spradlin Rd. from KY 3234 south to end of county maintenance, patching .25 mile.
  • Teddy Ray Rd. from city limits of Edmonton north to end of county maintenance, patching .10 mile.

The financial report was the next item on the agenda.  Treasurer Vickie Stephens reported the cash balance of all funds as of September 30, 2019, as $2,817,826.88.

In other business, Judge Stilts was asked about lifting the burn ban. Stilts advised that it would be lifted later that day adding, “We had two and a half inches of rain…some places had more than that.”

Gary Fancher added that the Kentucky Division of Forestry (KDF) burn ban has already taken effect on October 1st, “after 6 at night till 6 in the morning.”

The ban referred to is in effect every fall from October 1 – December 15 and reads:

The Commonwealth’s 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Burning Law (KRS149.400) prohibits burning before 6 p.m. if the fire is in, or within 150 feet of, woodland, brushland, or fields containing dry grass or other flammable materials.

All were present except Magistrate Kevin Crain. The next meeting is scheduled for October 22nd.

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