Dear Editor and Disabled Citizens,

Metcalfe County Warning

What I am saying here has nothing to do with the run for Sheriff, but I need help.

I am 85 years old and had to put my wife in NHC with Alzheimer’s, so I was staying with my daughter. In June, my house was broken into and the gas was stolen from my truck. I went to see the sheriff. He said he was sorry, but could not help because he only had 3 men. So I asked that when in the area could he could show his presence, again he said he was sorry.

My house has been broken into 4 times during July and August. I have done everything I can to board up the place. If I can’t depend on the law, who can I depend on? If I buy a gun, lay in wait, and shoot them, the law will put me in jail. So what do I do?

Just maybe we need to think about ending the sheriff’s department. What good are they?

Richard C. Preve


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