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Re: Herald-News 28 August issue

A very long and very strident letter found in our latest Metcalfe County newspaper attacked the local Republican Party for the manner in which a candidate was chosen for the upcoming sheriff election. The writer is self-proclaimed to be a lifelong member of the Republican Party. He went into great detail explaining the duties of and the performance of the individuals who conducted/attended the called meeting that agreed upon the selection. Given the explicit shortcomings he listed one might conclude he actually attended that meeting. He made no such claim. He did however loudly claim the current party structure to be totally incompetent and lacking integrity. He suggests there needs to be wholesale change if the party is to have any merit. In fact he advises that until changes he finds to be acceptable become fact that folks should simply “VOTE DEMOCRAT”.

If my memory is accurate that exact same advice is routinely heard from liberal spokesmen in virtually every political race across our land.

Would it be out of the question to consider his discourse to be a “clue”?

Vince Konsavage, SCPO, US Navy (ret)



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