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Someone that cares more for Metcalfe county citizenry than the MCRPC

I just received word of recent actions taken in Metcalfe County Kentucky by the Metcalfe County Republican Party Committee. “The Republican Committee selected the committee’s secretary, Charles Costello, to run for sheriff on the Republican ticket.”

Let me see if I have this straight, the MCRPC chose a sitting member to put on the ballot. They did this while Lonnie Hodges, who has been acting as sheriff since the last election, because his boss was sick with cancer, was helping make funeral arrangements for his boss.

On a personal level who would perform such an egregious act of disregard against a fellow Republican, citizen, and human being without first speaking with that person. Lonnie Hodges has a lifelong history of experience in law enforcement and protection of citizens and, might I add, has been acting as sheriff, without the pay, since Ricky Brooks was elected! Based on the committee’s most recent actions my conclusion is all members: 1) are extremely short-sighted. 2) lack all foresight to see ramifications of their actions. 3) are completely self-serving. 4) simply not of good character.  Even in the private sector, one has the sense to reward and promote from within individuals qualified for advancement and ready to assume additional responsibility.  So not only is it of bad character but its poor stewardship of human resources.

I’ve been told that Charley Costello has nowhere near the experience in law enforcement as Lonnie Hodges. This can only leave one to speculate on why the MCRPC would pull such chicanery.  But the problem here is deeper than that given the responsibility of the position. Those on the MCRPC that would promote a man with nowhere near the experience of Lonnie Hodges is engaged in nothing but crony politics at its worst. You SHOULD be putting the individual on the ballot with the highest law enforcement and experience, in other words, the best qualified candidate to fulfill the responsibilities associated with the position. To do otherwise is to put the county’s citizens at an increased level of endangerment.  The county has enough unresolved issues with meth use and theft. Put the two men on a balance and judge on qualifications and there is but one person overwhelmingly qualified for the position.

I would certainly hope all those involved in such a foolish act would step back, do the right thing, remove Costello and add Hodges name. Anything less than that is completely unacceptable.

Chicanery           – the use of trickery to achieve a political, financial, or legal purpose.

Cronyism            – the appointment of friends and associates to positions of authority, without proper regard to their qualifications.

Endangerment     – the action of putting someone or something at risk or in danger.

Stewardship        – the job of supervising or taking care of something, such as an organization or property.

Furthermore, I’ve provided four definitions above, those on MCRPC have displayed textbook examples of what not to do given positions of power and/or responsibility. I have voted Republican since I was first able to vote at 18 years of age.  Quite frankly what each of you who were at that meeting has done has sickened me.  It’s repulsive for me to even think of you as fellow Republicans. When I first heard about it, it infuriated me. How could each of you put your own personal needs and wants before that of the citizens of Metcalfe County? I have loved this place and loved these people all my life. I’ve always held such a high regard for the respect, integrity, hard work and perseverance of the people that call Metcalfe County home. None of these attributes have you displayed by your most recent actions.

If you are so eager to look for replacements for county positions, I would encourage each of you to get some experience.  Start now.  Each of you can begin today by looking for more qualified people to replace yourselves as members of the MCRPC. Even if you do the right thing and reverse the course you’ve taken with regards to the Metcalfe county sheriff ballot, it is time for you to step down. You have displayed extremely poor judgment.

Those to which I refer are:

Danny Holley

Paulette Yates

Shirley Mayrand

Charley Costello

Daniel Bragg

Gordon Yates

Harold Stilts

Millie Williams

David England

I would encourage someone to find out (from names above) who were present at the meeting of the “Costello Chicanery” or advised the committee members. Run them out of office.  Get them off the committee. They’re not worthy to serve the voters of Metcalfe County. As most recently displayed, they serve only themselves. Else the citizens of this county need to create a “New Republican Party” that conducts itself in an upright manner with the integrity this great county deserves. Whether you can remove them or create a new party you must do something to effect change.

If none of the above work, VOTE DEMOCRAT until you have responsible party leadership.

Someone that cares more for Metcalfe county citizenry than the MCRPC,

Rick Page


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