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For the greater good

Jennifer Moonsong
Central Division, General Manager
Jobe Publishing, Inc.

Last week when Republican US Attorney for the western district of Kentucky, Russell Coleman came to my sparsely appointed office, situated in an old building around a town square, I was anxious about how the meeting would unfold. I was excited about the opportunity for a Q&A but still apprehensive.

After all, just last month the Courier Journal ran a detailed story about him and his life, saying “Had Norman Rockwell ever been commissioned to paint a federal prosecutor, his final product would come out looking identical to Russell Coleman,” in response to his unshakable demeanor, appearance, and actions The article also called him the best prosecutor in America.

I had a quiet, unspoken question: Could a man so composed, and flawless really know what troubles common people with down to earth problems in little towns like ours?

Following the interview, I knew the answer was an unwavering “yes.”

Although Russell Coleman lives up to his impeccable reputation and standards, he does not lack the down-to-earth quality necessary to know and understand real people throughout his Kentucky district. He was eager to address the needs of those at outlying counties and to remind me and everyone that he is a public servant, that he serves the public.

He is also a husband, father, and Kentucky native from rural Logan County who has lived in various places across the Commonwealth. And his concern for the counties he serves is real, which was evident by the end of the interview.

This week and next you can read about the details of the interview with Russell Coleman. This week’s article addresses what he sees as Kentucky’s number one concern from his vantage point, and regardless of your political party, I believe that you will agree.

Next week, I will cover the other issues: discussed, as he strives to continue his work for the greater good.


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