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Farewell, Lu Carey retires from library

Lu Carey, center, surrounded by her library family.



By Jennifer Moonsong

Central Division, General Manager

Jobe Publishing, Inc.


Library patrons have often been greeted by the warm and friendly face of Lu Carey.

“Patrons have often remarked of her greeting everyone with a smile,” said Rhonda Glass, Library Director.

Last Friday, patrons, friends, and coworkers gathered Metcalfe County Public Library to bid you farewell, as she retires for the second time.

After living and working in Southern California for thirty-plus years, Lu retired, married and decided to seek a more quiet life of rest and relaxation in the country.

She visited Kentucky with her husband, who was born and raised in Tompkinsville. Upon visiting Edmonton, they liked it.

They bought a home here in 1988 and moved here permanently in 1995.

“The cost of living was a factor for not remaining in California and we loved Kentucky,” Lu said.

Lu began working part-time at the library in 2004.

“We moved in the new library building in 2003 and required additional staff,” said Glass.

“Lou was first hired on an as-needed basis. However, she was soon needed on a regular part-time basis. One of her specific duties was notifying patrons of overdue items. We’ve counted on her to remind everyone of programs and events happening at the library.”

I’ve enjoyed the conversations about the latest novels. The ‘have you read it?’ and ‘you have to read it’ comments, and helping patrons find something they like to read,” said Carey.

As she retires, Carey feels sentimental about her time spent at the library.

“The library patrons and library staff are all like family. We’ve formed close enduring friendships,” she said.

“I pray that I’ve made a positive impact on the individuals I’ve met, and the people I’ve worked with at our wonderful library.”

Many from Edmonton and Metcalfe County came out to say thank you to Lu.

Gifts and flowers for Lu as she retires.

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