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We’d like to know

Jennifer Moonsong
Central Division, General Manager
Jobe Publishing, Inc.

Each year the newspaper runs special sections each month that highlight various happenings and organizations in the community. For example, we just did our 4th of July Pages and Fair Pages and our Little League Pages are soon to come.

Each year we try to add something fresh and new to the lineup. Last year it was our First Responder Pages, and we honored our local volunteer firefighters. It was well received and we were proud to honor people so deserving.

From the paper’s perspective, it’s a way to generate revenue and continue bringing local news, photos of kids playing for their team, church announcements, chamber news, obituaries and so much more.

With that said, what special section would you like to see us add this year? Is there a deserving occasion, cause, organization or group of people who we have not honored that we should? If so, tell us. Contact me by emailing with your ideas.


Also, don’t forget that we offer printing for everything from business cards and flyers to invitations and books.

Jennifer Moonsong has been a journalist in South Central Kentucky for 12 years. She serves as the General Manager for the Metcalfe County and Monroe County, and is a regional features writer.

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