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Walk on the wild side

Aubrey Shaw and her friendly feline.

Metcalfe  County Fair 2019

By Jennifer Moonsong

Central Division, General Manager,

Jobe Publishing, Inc.

This year the Annual 4-H Pet Show brought out a variety of animals, from domesticated cats and dogs to turtles, bullfrogs, guinea pigs and an earthworm.

Every child who participated received a ribbon and cash prize for their entries.

Extension Agent Brandon Bell was the emcee and Chris Schalk, Barren County Extension Agent, served as judge.

The following children showed their animals.

Clover Seeds

Dogs – Branch White/ Blue; River Wilson/ Snow

Puppies – McKinlee White/ Juno

Reptiles – Branch White/ Zero; McKinlee White/ Turtle

Amphibians – Branch White/ Slime; McKinlee White/ Rabbit

Most Unusual – River Wilson/ Wormy

Rabbit – Branch White/ Jumper; McKinlee White/ Thumper

Poultry – Branch White/ Zeb; McKinlee White/ Chirp; River Wilson/ Whitey

Clover Buds

Cats – Madalyn Glass/ Bow-Wow

Kittens – Audrey Shaw/ Sassy Jr.

Costume – Audrey Shaw/ Sassy Jr.

Rabbit – Liam Kingery/ Milkshake

Other – Audrey Shaw/ Heidi; Madalyn Glass/ Squirrel


Dogs – Braden Dial/ Rowdy; Maddox Glass/ Casper

Puppies – Maddie Kingery/ Ellie May

Kittens – abe Shaw/ Little John; Riley Grissom/ Princess

Reptiles – Maddie Kingery/ Turtle I; Aiden Bradley/ Lou

Amphibians – Aiden Bradley/ Pepper

Costume – Ireland Kingery/ Princess; Braden Dile/ Rowdy

Rabbit – Aiden Bradley/ Bownie

Poultry – Aiden Bradley/ Birdie

Other – Gabe Shaw/ Rosie; Maddox Glass/ Baby


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